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We understand that a product ready to be launched must work perfectly without exception to succeed. Our team of experts put your product through rigorous testing processes and identify even the elusive bugs.Today, IT applications is vital contributor to the functioning and successful customer base management. You need a reliable and proficient software testing service so that you can be sure of the robust quality and improved performance of your software. JM Techmind offers extensive and infallible software testing service to multiple sectors. We ensure international standard of delivery and on time accomplishment so that the impact on overall cost, performance, dependability, security and scalability is positive.

At JM Techmind, the program manager works with his dedicated team of professionals and reports directly to the client. The entire team works closely with the staff of the client and keeping the concerned authority completely updated.

We Follow

Automation Testing – Automation testing is used to test the application from three different points of view – load, performance and stress.


  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces repetitive work
  • Supports various applications
  • Saves money
  • Offers greater consistency

Manual testing– Manual testing is testing of software manually for its correctness, quality and completeness.


  • Is highly cost efficient
  • Easy update of test case according to project movement
  • More reliable
  • Cover all cases
  • Takes less time

Mobile applications testing– Applications that work on mobile devices are tested for their functionality. The test includes security, performance, usability, functionality and compatibility of the device.

Games testing– Games are software and need proper testing before they are released in the market. It includes functionality, compliance, localization and soaking of the game. To deliver optimum gaming experience.

Why choose Jm Techmind Services

  • The software testing services of JM Techmind are built on deep understanding of bothersome technologies along with strong industry domain expertise.

  • We provide creative, effective and smart testing techniques and procedures to help our clients achieve reliable and predictable deployment and readiness for the release
  • Offering cost effective service on release or on (yearly basis ?)along with higher test efficiency
  • Our team culture is built on the mindset of product, quality and ownership, in-depth domain knowledge and transfer experience.
  • We offer focused services covering both, end to end application landscape testing as well as the depth of technology, standards, domain, application and platform.

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