Manual Testing

Manual testing of software is the oldest and most rigorous type of testing process. JM Techmind, a leading company, has a team of qualified professionals who are well versed, well-equipped for manual testing process and understand the significance of it. When the test is done manually, chances of error become negligible and you will have near to perfect end result.

At JM Techmind, we employ proprietary procedures, structured practices and best processes to rationalise the testing speed and find defects early in the lifecycle. Our expertise is in reducing cycle time for our clients even when the testing process includes a feature by feature analysis to check the validation of behaviour by putting normal and incorrect input data. The validation of the application to get confirmed as per its speculations, accuracy in performance and its required functions are done during the testing process.

Manual testing requires testers of following qualities:

  • • Observant
  • • Speculative
  • • Patient
  • • Creative
  • • Open-minded
  • • Innovative
  • • Talented
  • • Resourceful

Why JM Techmind

The manual testing services offered by JM Techmind is geared to serve business critical applications as well as applications where functionalities change. We span different types of industries like healthcare, telecom, logistics, e-learning domains, energy, expert services and much more.

  • We offer manual testing as a service to accomplish client’s engineering and quality assurance needs.
  • Our QE/QA manual testing service includes browser compatibility, functional testing, sanity testing and usability.
  • We offer manual testing service across all industry verticals.
  • Our tester spends more time on testing and this increases the chances of finding bugs

  • Our experts focus on quality of the product while making it certain that the cost effectiveness of the test cycle is maintained.
  • We offer manual testing service across all industry verticals.
  • Our testing experts perform the testing of products under real world conditions.
  • Our entire team has strong coordination and that helps us achieve outstanding results.

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