Mobile Games Testing

JM Techmind offers functionality, standard, compatibility and performance testing services for the mobile gaming industry. We have all the game testing infrastructure and expertise required to test the games as well as the installed software even if they are custom-made for different consoles and platforms.

Our team has considerable experience in serving testing services to several game developers and top publishers. We have proven proficiency for flash and video games offering testing on different platforms like mobiles, PCs and MMO. We have the experience in providing quality assurance services for high quality content and video game testing at reasonable cost keeping into account tight security and privacy measures. All these makes us the best mobile game testing service provider in Pune.

In fact, in today’s market if you wish to win your audience, you simply need a fun game or simply any game that works and entertains. With lacs of users and more than 700,000 apps live you need a high quality as well as bug-free fun game so that it stands out among other apps. In addition to this, you need it to work across different platforms to reach to worldwide audience.

JM Techmind’s game testing services can help you deploy successful mobile game applications in different ways.

We Offer

  1. JM Techmind has shown proficiency in games including video games testing services for different platforms.
  2. We have a team of technical experts and resources to provide advanced flash based games testing services.
  3. Experts at JM Techmind have successfully designed, developed and instigated video games testing frameworks for various clients.
  4. Our team is capable of providing testing and quality assurance services for games designed for iPhone, Android, Windows and other OS based mobiles.

Why JM Techmind

  • We provide low cost mobile games testing service offering you savings up to 70%.
  • We have latest technical competence.
  • We specialize in game testing services because we carry out tests at each level keeping the gamers in mind.
  • Our quality assurance strategy is game specific and platform prioritized.

  • We provide workflow and customer support processes
  • Localization testing in multiple languages and basic components are offered.
  • We have a team of game testers experienced in extensive mobile gaming on virtually every platform
  • Combination of different test strategies for single player, multi-player and in persistent environment

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