CRM Solution

CRM Solution

Keeping track of customers apart of sales, support and marketing gets difficult every day. Our CRM solution helps increase customer loyalty and brings together processes, technology and people together. We are helping companies acquire, engage and nurture more customers.JM Techmind provides you fully customizable CRM service. You just need to start using the service and take control of everything using our work experience. Depending on your employee’s profile you can combine different dashboards, easily enable and disable modules and functionalities.

JM techmind offers a fully featured Customer Relationship Management solution to help you improve your sales and grow your revenue along with boosting your relationship with your customers. We work with an extensive range of CRM products and our services run through the system development life cycle right from development, execution and maintenance to testing, upgrading and managing services.

We offer customized CRM solutions addressing even specific challenges faced by typical industries. Our extensive global experience through different industries can support your business requirements to shape CRM needs.

How we work

  • We bring the latest technologies and expertise to the execution of CRM platforms. This enables sustained competitive benefit and experience of staying connected for our customers. A realistic approach and implementation makes our services feasible, reliable and affordable for all.

Why choose JM Techmind

Tailor made solution

We, at JM Techmind customize your CRM solution to fit in your business needs exactly. The solution delivers your new and old customers more compelling online experience and this sets your business apart.

Versatile process

We provide you with flexible solution to make your workflow easier. Highly flexible configuration preferences help you use only the features you need. With JM techmind you simply need to click a button to enable the feature.

Easy to start

One of the most significant advantages of using our services is that you can instantly deploy the service and you do not need any traditional IT infrastructure costs. We host all software and infrastructure in our secured data centres. So, with our services, all you need is a computer, laptop or a mobile device with the latest browser.

Help you succeed

With our CRM service you can focus on other important aspects of your business. We lead the projects keeping in mind your business perspective helping you choose system that covers the basic features. We help companies acquire, engage and then nurture more customers. We provide tailor made CRM solutions to accelerate and automate your core business processes.

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