Automation Testing

The objective of automated testing is to simplify as much of the testing effort as possible with a minimum set of Scripts. Automated testing tools are capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs. Tests carried out with these tools can be run repeatedly, at any time of day.The method or process being used to implement automation is called a test automation framework. Several frameworks have been implemented over the years by commercial vendors and testing organizations. Once automated tests are created they can easily be repeated and they can be extended to perform tasks impossible with manual testing. Because of this, savvy managers have found that automated software testing is an essential component of successful development projects.

Why JM Techmind

  • Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money
  • Vastly Increases Your Test Coverage
  • Testing Improves Accuracy
  • Automation Does What Manual Testing Cannot

  • Automated QA Testing Helps Developers and Testers
  • QA and Dev Team Morale Improves
  • Improves testing accuracy compared to testing directed by humans
  • Helps developers by finding bugs and errors more quickly

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